Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton treads lightly when responding to Bernie Benedict Sanders Inane accusations about Wall Street and Hillary Clinton.

People just don't get how Jesus-like Hillary Clinton has become as she continues to be shrapnelized by the media, neo cons, neo liberals, and now Bernie Sanders as well. Bernie Sanders has become so clueless about the 2008 presidential democrat nomination race I would never accept him as an alternative to Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. If Bernie Sanders cannot remember as far back as 2008 and the parallel foreclosures that stole over a million homes from the middle and lower class, he's not qualified to be president now.

During the 2008 democrat presidential nomination race Hillary Clinton offered a 90 day home foreclosure moratorium during the home foreclosure crisis. Barack Obama did not. Wall Street was concerned that investors would not be able to immediately get back their money from MBS, (mortgage backed securities) if Hillary Clinton became president because all Hillary Clinton wanted to do was keep people in their homes. Imagine that, a politician who wants Wall Street to honor their MBS's rather than further tank the economy via parallel foreclosures. Wall Street wanted to profit when they created fraudulently rated MBS's, then Wall Street wanted all of their investor's money out by foreclosing on over a million homeowners, which basically destroyed the foreclosed upon's credit rating for up to two decades even when the foreclosed upon were paying for mortgage insurance!

Wall Street backed Barack Obama behind closed doors because Barack Obama was going to, and did, allow parallel foreclosures for any sucker who applied for a mortgage modification. Parallel Foreclosure is as it sounds, as a bank is "attempting" to modify an existing mortgage, the bank can secretly begin foreclosing on that same homeowner! Parallel Foreclosure also explains why mortgage modification applicants  had to keep resubmitting their paperwork, it was a stall tactic to ensure the foreclosure papers were processed.

Where was Bernie Sanders in 2008 regarding Parallel Foreclosures? If Bernie Sanders was protesting Parallel Foreclosure as being unethical and even constitution busting back in 2008, then Bernie knows it was Barack Obama who was complicit to Wall Street, not Hillary Clinton. If Bernie Sanders does not know about parallel foreclosure in 2008, then he's a social activist fraud who was oblivious to over a million homeowners losing their homes to parallel foreclosure tactics. 

Either way, Hillary Clinton stayed above the fray back in 2008, and once again, now, by not taking Bernie Sander's  Wall Street bait and revealing the truth because it could hurt  Barack Obama's legacy. Hillary and her Jesus Like behavior of staying above the fray allows Bernie Benedict Sanders to taint her with a false flag label of being a minion to Wall Street when the opposite was true in 2008 and continues to be true today as well.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton is the Modern Day Version of Jesus Christ.

My biggest complaint about Hillary Clinton Supporters is they may be the only group in the world who would stand obliviously and idly by as sinister evil doers attack her in a myriad of Byzantine manners. It's almost as if Hillary Clinton supporters are cheering her on from the back, believing if they push hard enough and long enough from behind they can help their idol Hillary Clinton conquer any and all sinister actions the gutless among society will attempt, never for a moment considering actually getting in front to help clear her path and protect her from a never ending stream of media shrapnel.

Lets not forget the Shoe Throwing Incident in Las Vegas where the entire Pro Hillary Clinton audience remained seated as a shoe barely sailed by Hillary Clinton's head. Not only did the audience of Pro Hillary Clinton forces do nothing more than gasp, the same group of crazies who supported the throwing of the shoe then accused Hillary Clinton of creating the shoe throwing incident for sympathy. And its those same group of crazies who would have stomped to death any shoe thrower at a Donald Trump rally.

There was a timed Iowa Caucus assault against Hillary Clinton that included Move on Dot org naming Bernie Sanders as the only democrat choice, Arianna Huffington  surrogate Camille Paglia attacking the Clinton name on Salon, ongoing attacks from the usual conservative rags, Fox and CNN purposely stacking their political analysts with virtually no Hillary Clinton supporters while allowing LIES to be told about what happened in the 2008 democrat race. Even local Supermarkets were cluster bombed by Globe Weekly and it's Freedom of Speech busting anti-Hillary Clinton headline. Globe ragazine was actually allowed to display a HEADLINE STATING AS FACT that Hillary Clinton WILL be put in jail for the rest of her life. Has even one Hillary Clinton supporter gone to their local supermarket and either ripped up Globe magazine or protested loudly and vigorously to the supermarket owner to get that ILLEGAL piece of tripe off the newsstand.

Freedom of speech ends when it states a future scenario as being 100% fact, and that's exactly what Globe ragazine did. Where was the outrage among Hillary Clinton supporters. 

The sad fact is that Hillary Clinton's supporters don't fight for Hillary Clinton, they fight to get the closest spot in line so they can worship Hillary Clinton from as close a distance as possible. The sad fact is that Jesus Christ's supporters didn't fight for Jesus Christ, they fought to get the closest spot in line so they could worship Jesus from up close. Wimps every one of you.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton wins 2016 Iowa Caucus, and CNN has some really sucky Hillary Clinton Bashers.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton, wins the 2016 Iowa Caucus even as she faces relentless attacks from both neo conservatives and neo liberals and Media outlets like Fox and CNN who are doing their darndest to keep bringing up overblown, exaggerated issues even when she wins.
Now its time for the New Hampshire Surprise where Bernie Sanders allegedly has twice the popularity of Hillary Clinton.
And CNN, get some better on air people and please cut the 2008 revisionism in which your on air idiot forget her name claimed Barack Obama won in a runaway when Hillary Clinton actually won 58% of the vote once the REPUBLICAN state democrat caucuses concluded. What a dolt she was.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

I was going to make my second donation to Hillary Clinton's Campaign, but...

I donated once before to Hillary Clinton's campaign for what for me was a big chunk of money. This time I was going to make a more modest donation. But when I clicked on the link from the email I received and then checked the amount, it then asked me to fill in all of my  personal info.

I already get double or triple of the same email messages, if I put my personal info down once before must I do it every time I make a donation? 

Am I going to be put on ANOTHER mailing list and then get duplicates in the mail for the Hillary Clinton campaign?  For once I would hope there is someone from the Hillary Clinton campaign that would actually answer my questions in the comments section.  I don't understand why when I respond to an email that even mentions me by name that my personal info (not including the credit card info) isn't going to be auto completed since I already made a prior donation.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Excellent Explanation on why Hillary Clinton is a better choice than Bernie Sanders.

Well worth the read, this article logically explains why Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than Bernie Sanders.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

More Ridiculous nonsense over Top Secret Emails and Hillary Clinton.

So the email controversy goes like this.  

Unsecured emails were sent by Hillary Clinton and some claim they contained information that would later be classified as classified.

"How did we find out about the unsecured emails"?
Hillary Clinton told everyone 4 years later.
"If the emails were unsecured, shouldn't we see them and judge for ourselves if they should have been unsecured"?  
If the unsecured emails were deemed to have classified information, no, you can't see them BECAUSE THEY ARE CLASSIFIED.
"But if I can't see the unsecured emails that might have had classified information, then how do I know what the content was"?    That's EXACTLY the point, you don't know and therefore there was no breach.

You will only know what the content of the unsecured emails was if the emails are released to the public. If the emails are released to the public, THEN THE EMAIL'S WERE NO BIG DEAL, if the email's are not released to the public, then you aren't supposed to know about them and you will only find out the content IF THEY ARE LEAKED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN HILLARY CLINTON. The emails would have to be LEAKED NOW for you to know what the classified information was.  

But what if some hacker figures out how to go back in internet time and find the unsecured emails. Well, I guess that is the plan, isn't it, to make as long as possible of a whining sound until some hacker gets so sick of the nonsense they go back and find unsecured emails that nobody would have known about if not for the Rat Fucking Constricted Republican neo conservatives bellowing about it forever.

Only rat fucking Republican heho's used for inbreeding with real rats will keep prolonging this issue as long as possible because they have Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Do  you rat fucking Republican heho's know what is a real email scandal? A government official directly sending classified secrets to other government officials from other countries FOR PERSONAL GAIN in which they PERSONALLY gain. 

But But, the Clinton foundation. What if Hillary Clinton says  hello to a foreign dignitary and later on that dignitary gives money to the Clinton foundation and that is used to save lives around the world? 

Well, then you have your next rat fucking scandal, don't you.  lol.  

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Joe Biden's "Hillary Clinton late to the Income Inequality fight" comment is Incomprehensible.

When Joe Biden says Hillary Clinton is "late to the Income Inequality fight", That's Joe being Joe. 

HIllary Clinton lost the 2008 democrat nomination to Barack Obama specifically because she was not going to cowtow to Wall Street and their home mortgage gambling shenanigans. 

Hillary Clinton had already proposed a 90 day moratorium on all home foreclosures until a solution could be worked out. President Obama's mortgage solution included Parallel Foreclosure in which any homeowner requesting any type of mortgage restructuring would also have foreclosure proceedings commence by the same bank that was allegedly helping to restructure the home mortgage. Parallel Foreclosure is why many homeowners were asked to keep resubmitting the same paperwork over and over by the bank allegedly helping them to avoid foreclosure so the banks could buy time until the foreclosure action was consummated. 

Agreeing to a Parallel Foreclosure policy was the price of the Democrat nomination in 2008 and Hillary Clinton did not go along with that deal, Barack Obama did. So for Mr. Biden to now say that Hillary Clinton is "late to the game" regarding income equality is "Joe being Joe" and displays an insane level of obtuseness on the part of Joe Biden.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Occupy Wall Street, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire when they claim that Move On Dot Org has been a tool for the Clintons.

It is amazing how quickly ignorant, people can become about the not so distant past, aka the 2008 Democrat Nomination. Here is a Move on dot org recruitment letter by Occupy Wall Street to its members….

Friends –
Last August, we asked you who you planned to support in the 2016 election. The results were overwhelming: Nearly 3/4's of you (74%) responded that you plan to vote for Bernie Sanders. Since then, Bernie has ramped up his anti-Wall Street rhetoric even more: renewing calls to break up the banks, limit ATM fees, take on inflated student loan debt and establish nationwide interest rate caps.

We know: is a tool for the Democratic party, and hasn't always been on our side. They have operated like clicktivism is more important than on-the-street-action. They’ve been too slow (or unwilling) to take on the big fights – let’s change that. Bernie brings an independent fervor to the party, and this endorsement could propel him into the White House. The possibility of that happening is exciting enough for the 99% that we think it's worth 2 minutes of your time to sign up for free before noon to vote. (Plus, you can always unsubscribe later on if all those emails annoy you!) 

MoveOn has been the voice for the Clinton Dynasty which it was created 17 years ago to defend. Today, though, we have a chance to close the books on the Clinton-Bush era and bring in a strong, independent democratic socialist voice:we think it's time to #MoveOnToBernie! 

And keep fighting, comrades.
The OccupyWallSt.NYC Team 
End of Occupy Wall Street Missive.   End of Occupy Wall Street "missive" to its "comrades" quote.
For the record, Move on Dot Org has NEVER supported the Clintons. Move on Dot Org is a progressive group and Occupy Wall Street's claim that Move on Dot Org is a front for the Clinton is a manipulative, ignorant, lie. 

See, THEY ALL LIE, even the alleged truth speakers. 

I would happily help Hillary Clinton win the democrat nomination but it would cost her campaign one million dollars. The progressive millennials may be Hillary Clinton's undoing and I know how to get them in her camp, and for a million dollars I would share the information with Hillary Clinton or her people. Expect a strategically timed smear involving email gate, the Move on dot org vote supporting Bernie Sanders, and a possibly too close loss or even victory in New Hampshire to help amp up unwarranted opposition to Hillary Clinton in her quest for a democrat nomination. 

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Joseph Cannon of CannonFire Recovering from a Medical Experience.

As the founder of Daily PUMA I don't come here for the Daily PUMA articles, but rather for the written works of others that are RSS fed onto Daily PUMA. Probably my favorite writer is Joseph Cannon, of CannonFire, who apparently is recovering from a serious medical situation. You can learn more about Joseph's situation here and to wish him a solid recovery.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Should Hillary Clinton and the Democrats invite some of the Republican Presidential Candidates to the Democrat Debates?

The obvious answer is NO, no way should the democrat candidates or democrat party invite any of the republican candidates to the democrat debates or any debate before each party has an official nominee. That's the obvious answer. 

I wonder what the public would think of the democrat party for extending an opportunity to basically give some republican candidates a free shot at the democrats when the democrats might have little to gain.

Do we maybe live in a world where people recognize and admire those who have the lead but still give chances to those who would take them down in an instant? 

Might giving such an opportunity be the genesis to more tolerable relations between the two parties?

Why should the democrat party stay too comfortable when many americans are living paycheck to paycheck?

The only thing missing from the Republican debates is a metal cage surrounding the debaters. Might be a nice gesture to allow a few of the cage match republican debaters a chance outside of the cage.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Real Email Scandal the Democrat Party needs to deal with.

I won't disclose my financial situation but I finally made a contribution to Hillary Clinton's campaign recently even though I could not afford it. (ha ha). Yes, it was ego driven, I wanted my name put on the wall in the Clinton campaign headquarters. Make a contribution, get your name on the wall. Yes a clever idea, although I don't think the wall is going to be big enough. I also wanted to make sure I EARNED my name on the "Wall of Acclaim" so I made a donation that was many many many times higher than the minimum donation of 5 dollars.

The problem is I keep getting emails asking me to contribute. I just gave a contribution and the democrat email system has no way to riffle out those who just made a donation from those who haven't, and that annoys me. If the democrat email system can't parse out those who just contributed and acknowledge their contribution in future emails, they begin to create ill will among their contributors. I almost sent a second contribution to the Wall of Acclaim thinking the first one did not take. But then my credit card bill came and the credit card I have been diligently trying to pay off went north for the first time in over a year, and frankly it made me wince.

If I were the democrat party I WOULD QUIT SELLING my email lists to an incongruous group of needy people all asking for money and all oblivious to how many others have already asked me for money.

I have some amazing campaign ideas that if sold to either the Republican party or the Democrat party would win them the presidency in 2016, but I have decided I am not going to give them away. If I don't see meaningful change in how the democrat party handles their email messaging, I may actually consider selling my ideas to Donald Trump simply because my ideas would actually help seniors and the economy, which in turn helps everyone else. Sometimes actually having ideas matters more than asking for money to become president.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When Hillary Clinton Lashes out she's called nasty names, when Donald Trump Lashes out he Gains in Popularity and also becomes the First Conservative Ralph Nader.

When I would watch the NBC / Donald Trump show The Apprentice (I stopped watching once I discovered how good The Good Wife was and it was on at the same time on CBS), I was pretty impressed with how Mr. Trump came across and wondered how much of that was manipulated by editing after the fact. 

Since witnessing Mr. Trump's rise in the Republican president polls I must say Mr. Trump has shown an ability to think on his feet when ambushed by the media, such as being accused of being a misogynist. Mr. Trump retorted that it's only Rosie O'Donnell and her big fat head that bugs him (or something like that). Mr. Trump's response was a pretty good comeback considering he was blindsided by the question. I found Mr. Trump's instant retort a peculiarly hilarious response because he admits to doing something, but to only one person, and not only does Mr. Trump believe that Rosie O'Donnell deserves the comments Mr. Trump has made about Rosie in the past, Mr. Trump knows Rosie is a tough enough person to take it and dish it back, basically implying that Rosie is his equal as a sparring partner who also punches back and that's not misogyny, that's a combative form of respect between two people who don't like each other. Whereas a true misogynist would more likely operate more under the cloak of darkness and secrecy such as the KKK when attacking those they don't like.

I also found Mr. Trump's curt and discourteous response about John McCain being a "captured" war hero remarkable as well. And for those who are annoyed by it, lets not forget it was the Barack Obama supporters who probably gave Mr. McCain the biggest insult of all 8 years ago when they said it would not be wise to vote for Mr. McCain for president because he was a cancer risk and at his advanced age it would not be safe to have him for president. That was 8 years ago and Mr. McCain and his now 102 year old mother would beg to differ, and when do the Obama concern trolls about John McCain and his date with cancer as a reason to not vote for Mr. McCain, apologize to Mr. McCain?

Mr. Trump appears to have become the conservative version of Ralph Nader. Republicans have spent decades witnessing Democrats whining and loathing about the U.S. as a way to gain votes, yet for the first time in quite a while the Republican Party has been revitalized by Mr. Trump's Ralph Nader conservatism firebrand. However, what Mr. Trump appears to lack are some examples of having actually achieved Ralph Nader type of victories from a conservative point of view in his past in which he fought for the common man and woman, and won. 

If Mr. Trump is now able to spot good ideas and make them part of his presidential platform going forward, that could be good enough to make him the republican nominee and a realistic challenger to "presumptive democrat nominee", Hillary Clinton.

And all of this brings us to the point of this article. While the media has been whipped up into a frenzy over Mr. Trump's political rambunctiousness, one takeaway not yet taken away is if Hillary Clinton ever behaved in the manner that Donald Trump has behaved, the non complementary names she would be called would stretch a mile long and a mile deep, and that is something I hope the Republican Party AND Progressives as well will accept some "mea culpa" for and tone down their "Attack Hillary Rhetoric" going forward. 

Or are only men presidential candidates allowed to whine and complain about things?

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Neo Con Dingalings, Benghazi, and the Current Attack on the Internet that is being Reported as not Happening.

One of the "outrages" that neocons had over Benghazi was the blaming of the attack on a documentary video that had come out prior to the attack. NeoCons outrage centered on the documentary lie. You see, Neo Cons were DEMANDING that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton bow at the feet of the terrorists and claim defeat and by instead incorrectly crediting a documentary the terrorists were denied credit for their attack. lol, I'm serious, this is how deranged neocons can be when it comes to Obama and Clinton. 

According to Neocons, Obama and Clinton were supposed to elevate, empower and credit terrorists groups for Benghazi rather than minimize their act of terrorism. And lets not forget that EVERYDAY in the U.S. 22 veterans commit suicide. Rather than help lower that number, Benghazi nuts want to forever go on and on about Benghazi even at the expense of diverting attention away from reducing DAILY VETERAN SUICIDES in the U.S.

Over the past few days, there have been several server outages. From Airlines to Wall Street, there have been significant outages that have been DOWNPLAYED by the media, even the California Bureau of Automotive repair was down a day. If the reports in the media about these outages had been more dire, panic would have ensued and there would be even more internet traffic, possibly compromising the internet's capacity even more.

As you can see both examples above point to a KNOWN type of defense against terrorist attacks, it's called MINIMIZING the attack in the media in an effort to DEMORALIZE the attackers. So as the Neocons continue to blather on about Benghazi and condemning Obama and Clinton for blaming the Benghazi attack on a documentary, just remember that the worst thing one can do for a terrorist in this day and age of social media is to admit a terrorist attack was 100% successful.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

How the Neo Con and Progressive Media plan on destroying Hillary Clinton's Moderate Based 2016 Presidential Campaign..

I don't recall seeing the newsprint reporting technique being used to derail the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign before, maybe its been done, I just don't recall seeing it done before. The technique involves showing an interaction between the Clintons and ANYONE who is famous, then intercutting that interaction with an everyday person who has a gripe with the famous person that has been attached to the  Clintons and how they can't believe the Clintons would even breathe the same air as that famous person, let alone interact with them.

A reporter does a detailed interview with someone who has what is either a ridiculous complaint, or even a legitimate complaint about the Clintons and through the magic of editing makes it look like the Clintons are hobnobbing with the rich and famous while PURPOSELY avoiding talking to the person that the reporter has questioned.

This "cross cutting" technique is very clever because it gives the illusion that the Clintons have blown off an every day man or woman in favor of a famous or wealthy person. But the reality is there are over 300 million people in the United States, are the Clintons supposed to be able to allow any one of the 300 million people to have instant access to them?

I have a plan on how Hillary Clinton can win the 2016 presidential election and avoid most of the inevitable progressive and neo con media created controversy that is sure to follow her, yet I hold no belief that anyone will contact me, let alone pay me a consulting fee for handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House in 2016.

If the Clintons access and consider their own long time supporter's ideas and suggestions they simply increase their own agility to handle  the new world of social media. 

Here is a quick example of the Cross Cutting technique and how grossly effective it is when applied to television. When dead US soldiers were being flown home during our first George Bush presidency, one of the news stations did a split screen showing the war dead's caskets being taken off a military airplane while on the other screen hundreds if not thousands of miles away George Bush was shown laughing at a different event he was at. The initial false impression given is that George Bush was actually looking at the caskets and laughing. This over the top stunt somewhat backfired as the news division responsible had to issue an apology. Although it does make one wonder why then President Bush was not at the airfield where the war dead were.

When this type of implied connectedness, or cross cutting, is done in print, it can be less obvious that the two events really don't relate in the manner that the article conveys.

What is the solution? Those who really feel the Clintons have favored the rich elite over the everyday man or woman should take the time to contact the Clinton Foundation and allow them time to respond to their complaints if they genuinely want to know the truth.

In the meantime, here's hoping the Clintons realize there are people on their side who have good ideas and suggestions and that the Clintons should embrace their supporters rather than keep fending for themselves against an aggressive progressive and neo con media that does not want to see Hillary Clinton as president in 2016.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Message from both Neo Con and Progessive Media to the Clinton Foundation, You can't have your donations and eat them too.

So now George Stephanopoulos is apologizing for donating to the Clinton Foundation? So basically anyone who donates to the Clinton Foundation is bribing the Clintons. lol. Remember, this is what the rotting remnants of both neo conservative media and progressive media do to try and make the Clintons look fallible.

If Robin Hood's last name had been Clinton he would have been remembered as someone who robbed from the rich and gave to those he had first made poor.

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